Man Robs Bank to Get Away from Wife, Waits at the Lobby for Police to Arrive

Tired of living with his wife but probably not wanting to go through a costly divorce, a 70-year-old American man from Kansas robbed a bank so he will be sent to prison. The old man got his wish and is now behind bars.

Lawrence Ripple had a major fight with his wife, Remedios in their home.

I’d rather be in jail than at home,” the angry old man told his wife. But while many people have made similar threats but never pushed through with the idea, this determined old man wanted to make sure he made a point.

Stock photo
Stock photo

So, he went to a bank in Kansas City and passed a note to the teller claiming he had a gun and that she should give him money. Ripple was handed around $3,000 in the heist.

But while the cashier scrambled to call 911 and get the Ripple ********, the ‘robber’ did not run away but merely waited at the lobby for the cops to arrive.

Of course, even if he had been a real robber, at 70 years old he wouldn’t have been able to get away that far and would have surely been apprehended but because he actually wanted to get caught, he did not give the cops more trouble. He just waited for them to arrive!

The story has now gone viral across the internet – and this would surely be something that would not be forgotten anytime soon…

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