Man Rushes Off to Save Little Puppy Caught in the Middle of the Road

An unnamed man from Singapore has earned praises from the netizens after he went out of his way to rescue a puppy who seemed lost and wandering in the middle of a road.

Netizen Sunita Parhar took a video of the rescue and uploaded it to the Facebook page of SG Road Vigilante. According to Sunita, they were driving down Upper Thomson Road when they saw a poor puppy walking in the middle of the road.

She added that the puppy looked so distressed as it tried to avoid oncoming vehicles. Luckily, the vehicles were also trying to avoid him and slowing down as they came near the puppy.

Image by Sunita Parhar

Sunita and her companions were thinking of how they can help the puppy when, suddenly, a man dashed out to the road and picked up the lost puppy. As he is crossing the road, other motorists were seen slowing down and have even stopped to make sure that the man and the young dog can cross the road safely.

The video had since gone viral and another Facebook page, Fabrications About The PAP, reposted it. The reposted version of the video had accumulated 7,600 likes, had been shared 4,000 times and had been viewed 225,000 times.

Netizens also commended Sunita and her companion for choosing to follow the puppy though they had lots of chances to change lanes.

Watch the video here: Facebook/SG Road Vigilante