Man Saves Dog from Shelter, Dog’s Gesture of Thanks Caught on Camera

Animals appreciate the right things done for them and also know how to express gratitude; just like what a beagle did to his savior after he was rescued from an animal shelter.

Schenley Hutson Kirk, one of the founders of Hound Rescue and Sanctuary, posted a picture of her husband, Joe, together with Gregory, a 2-year-old beagle, who gained another chance at life after he was saved from an animal shelter. In this photo, Gregory can be seen snuggling with his savior, as his way of saying thanks.

The beagle was snuggling with Joe during the whole 2-hour ride. They usually put the dogs in a crate when they transport them but Joe felt that Gregory had been caged in for too long, so he let the dog take the back seat of the car.

Image from Schenley Hutson Kirk

Gregory was a stray dog before he was brought to Franklin County Dog Shelter in Columbus, Ohio. He was found to be healthy, at first, but further medical examination revealed that he was heartworm positive.

Schenley said that Gregory will be undergoing treatment and will live in their shelter until someone adopts him. As of the moment, a couple from Columbus already offered to take Gregory. As soon as the veterinarian clears him, Gregory will have his first meeting with his prospective family.