Man Scales 5 Floors to Save Dangling Child, Gets French Citizenship and Job for Heroism

The quick-thinking guy who scaled five floors in seconds at a Paris apartment block to save a dangling child has been offered a job and French citizenship for his heroism. He has also been dubbed as the ‘real-life Spiderman’ on social media.

Mamoudou Gassama, 22, is an immigrant from Mali who has been living in France for months now.

He happened to be passing by a building where a crowd has gathered, all shouting in fear over the safety of the child dangling at the balcony on the fifth floor. Several people had attempted to climb the balcony, to no avail. They only managed to reach the first balcony on the second floor.

Photo credit: Facebook / Habib Bibou

Seeing the child’s dangerous position at the fifth-floor balcony, Mamoudou did not waste any moment. He quickly crossed the street and climb the first balcony, with his bare hands.

As the crowd cheered, Mamoudou scaled the balconies, moving from one to the other like these were nothing but ladders. The guys that only managed to climb the first balcony knew how difficult it was to reach the next level but Mamoudou made everything appear so easy.

Within seconds, he was already up at the fifth-floor balcony and grabbing the kid, putting him to safety! Whew.

Thankfully, the child was safe and only suffered some broken fingernails. Meanwhile, Mamoudou had some scratches but those were the only injuries the two suffered in this heart-stopping ordeal.

Photo credit: PA / LAD Bible

While he made everything appear so easy, Mamoudou admitted that he was shaking in fear at the fifth floor balcony after he managed to save the child.

I felt afraid when I saved the child… (when) we went into the living room, I started to shake, I could hardly stand up, I had to sit down,” Mamoudou admitted.

A video of the incident was shared on Facebook by Habib Bibou. It quickly went viral, gaining millions of views within hours.

The harrowing rescue would soon reach Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo who met with the young hero. He told the mayor about his situation and his wish to stay in France.

I replied that his heroic gesture was an example for all citizens and that the City of Paris will obviously be keen to support him in his efforts to settle in France,” the mayor revealed.

But the mayor was not the only impressed by Mamoudou actions. He would soon meet French President Emmanuel Macron who also praised him.

Photo credit: AP: Thibault Camus, Pool

Bravo!” the president greeted Mamoudou when they met at the presidential Elysee Palace in Paris.

We’ll obviously be setting all your papers straight and if you wish it, we will start the process of naturalization so that you can become French,” the president promised.

What you have done corresponds with what firefighters do; if this fits your wishes, you could join the firefighters’ corps so that you can do [such acts] on a daily basis.

A job and French citizenship? Congratulations, Mamoudou! You greatly deserve your rewards…

As for the kid, he might have been shaken by the ordeal but otherwise safe. Police are now trying to investigate the matter and determine whether they should file charges to the kid’s dad who had supposedly gone shopping. Tsk. Tsk.

Watch the heart-stopping rescue here: