Man Sheds 326 lbs after ‘Sudden Realization’ Hit Him While Being Evacuated from Wildfire

Sometimes, all we need is one great motivation push.

Two years ago, Tony Bussey, 43, was one of the 88,000 people who were displaced by the Fort McMurray wildfire in Alberta, Canada.

Photo: Facebook / Tony Bussey
Photo: Facebook / Tony Bussey

Tony has dropped 326 pounds since then and shared his inspiring journey to weight loss. His inspiration, however, is far more noble than just simply wanting to make easy escapes in case of another fire.

When they arrived at the airport during the evacuation, 567-pound Tony had to be prioritized and even needed 2 airplane seats. Sudden realization struck through him and it started his journey towards a new lifestyle.

‘Seeing people having to wait because I was too fat to sit next to — that was it for me’, Tony said. ‘I’ve got to do something about this.’

“I kept thinking, ‘Here it is: somebody’s wife, somebody’s husband, somebody’s family member is waiting for their mom or dad or their loved ones to come home, and their loved ones have to wait longer now because I’m too fat to sit next to.’

‘That had a profound effect on me,’ he added.

Fast-forward to 2 years later, Tony is now only 241 pounds. To make it more impressive… there was no surgery involved. It was just ‘watching what he eats’ and walking.

Photo: Facebook / Tony Bussey

Now, he has lots of plans ahead of him in his new life. He has about 30 pounds of excess skin that he wants to get removed. After that he plans on going to the gym and running a marathon. Travel, which was previously very difficult, now became one of his new options.

“There is hope. I was 41 when I started this, almost 600 pounds. If I can do this, anyone can.”

Photo: Facebook / Tony Bussey