Man Thinks He’s Dying after ‘Intestines’ Fall Out in Toilet, Discovers it’s a 5-Foot Long Tapeworm

In a recent bout of bloody, painful diarrhea, one man thought he was dying after he saw his ‘intestines’ falling out into the toilet. He was greatly relieved to discover that it wasn’t his intestines falling out but a 5-foot long tapeworm!

It was yucky, yes, but at least he wasn’t dying at all. What a relief.

This patient’s story and a subsequent photo of the offending tapeworm would go viral on social media after this was shared by Doctor Kenny Banh on a medical humor podcast entitled, “This Won’t Hurt A Bit”.

According to Dr. Banh, he had witnessed the patient’s rather strange story at the emergency room while he was on duty at a hospital in Fresno, California.

The unnamed patient arrived at the ER complaining of severe stomach pains and bloody diarrhea; he also asked to be tested for worms. Rather curious about the patient’s self-diagnosis, the doctor asked how he arrived to that conclusion.

According to the patient, he was experiencing severe stomach cramps and had blood in his watery stool. While in the toilet, he noticed something coming out from his body that was long and yellowish. He felt scared, thinking he was dying as he thought at first that it was part of his intestines!

Photo credit: Twitter / 2GO Health

He began pulling on the thing but was significantly relieved when the thing moved on its own. While others would have been scared to ***** at this point, the level-headed man felt happy that it was just a 5-foot long tapeworm coming out of his body, not his intestines. The latter would have been deadly, of course.

For good measure, he wrapped the thing around a toilet paper roll and brought it to the hospital. The medical staff confirmed it was a tapeworm.

It turned out the patient loves sushi a lot; it’s his favorite food. But he believes this was the source of the tapeworm eggs. He’s now rethinking his diet and swears to never eat sushi again!