Man Trying to Exterminate Ants, Ends Up Burning House Down and Killing 3 Pets!

Ants are hardworking little creatures that can be so pesky at times, especially during their food-hunting season when they tend to swarm on whatever piece of food they find. That tends to be rather annoying, right?

Well, one man from Old Orchard Beach in Maine was so annoyed with the ants in his parents’ home that he tried to exterminate them by himself.

According to investigators, 21-year-old Devon Doucette took some matches to incinerate the ants but inadvertently lit up highly combustible material that caused the flames to rapidly spread and engulf the house!

The incident happened so fast that Doucette barely escaped with his life, suffering from second degree burns and smoke inhalation. He was lucky enough that the firefighters were able to extract him from the burning house but three pets died at the scene – and the house was so badly damaged it wouldn’t be livable unless it is torn down and another one built in its place!

Photo credit: Erica Hebert Albair / GoFundMe

Firefighters said it was lucky that Doucette’s elderly parents who owned the house were not there when the incident happened or they could have also suffered major injuries from the fire.

But while the internet made fun of Doucette, he did achieve his main goal of exterminating the ants! Thankfully, the local community was more compassionate with him and his family. The locals helped the family raise funds to rebuild their home.

A family friend, Erica Hebert Albair, launched a GoFundMe campaign which aimed to raise $10,000 for the Doucettes.

Sadly, the wonderful Doucette family had a house fire yesterday and lost everything, including their loving pets,” Albair wrote.

In 5 days, over $14,400 has been raised for the family on the crowdfunding site. A number of neighbors also donated food and other everyday items for the family.

I can’t even begin to tell you the amount of item donations by so many people. So many people are beyond words about the generosity from all of you. The gratitude is undefinable,” Albair later wrote in an update on the campaign.

Investigators said it is unlikely that Doucette will face any charges for burning down his parents’ house. But we warn everyone who has problems with ant (or other pest) infestation at home to call professional exterminators to deal with the pesky pests and not do it by themselves!

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