Man Uses Drone to Catch Cheating Wife, Posts Video Online Where it Quickly Goes Viral

They had been married for 18 years but when his wife suddenly began going to the office earlier than usual, the husband did not suspect that she was cheating at first since she said they had lots of tasks at the office that needed attending to; thus, she had to leave early to render overtime hours.

But when this went on for weeks, the husband began to suspect that something was not right. Then, he received a tip from her co-worker that she’s not actually going to work early but could be cheating on him.

The husband followed her to work on two occasions but both times just went straight to work; thus, he thought the co-worker was just creating suspicion. But as her earlier work hours continued, he soon grew suspicious and thought that she must have realized she was being followed the first two occasions or that someone tipped her off.

Screenshots of video by YAOG
Screenshots of video by YAOG

One day, he got a drone to follow her so she wouldn’t see she was being filmed. Within just minutes, he realized that something was very wrong, indeed, because she didn’t head straight to her office but walked further away from the house and her office.

Then, as she arrived at the local CVS outlet, she could be seen letting her hair down and apparently ‘making herself pretty’, much to her husband’s anger. As she stood at the parking lot, a car pulled out from its ‘hiding place’ behind the CVS building and approached the woman.

She would appear to peer in at the driver’s seat and even possibly kiss the driver before getting in the car. While the video ended there, the enraged husband was positive that his wife of 18 years was cheating on him.

He posted the drone video on YouTube where it had gotten over 6 million views within just 3 days after it was posted! His story also went viral on Reddit and various social media channels.

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