Man Wants to Know If GF is ‘The One’, Leaves His Apartment Messy for Her to Clean Up

A netizen who goes by his Twitter handle @VJBritemanLive tweeted that he invited his girlfriend for the first time ever at his place. His girlfriend accepted his invitation and came in the morning. However, he said that he was extremely disappointed for she left without washing the dishes and cleaning up. Apparently, she failed his ‘girlfriend test’.

According to him, he thought that this girl was actually wife material but he found that she is not since she did not pass his girlfriend test.

He went on and shared a piece of advice to ladies to make sure that they clean up the next time they visit their man’s house because boyfriends might be testing if they qualify to be a wife someday!

Image from the Twitter account of VJBritemanLive

Other netizens were not too keen about this advice.

Some of them ask whether he would just marry her because she washes the dishes and cleans. There are also some who tweeted that his girlfriend might also have the same thing in mind; that he is actually not a husband material because of his bad habits in his home.

Someone showed his tweet to his girlfriend. Let’s just say that the girlfriend was not happy about what she read so she immediately dumped him.