Manny Pacquiao Takes Son for His First Ride on a Tricycle and First Visit to a Sari-Sari Store… What a Truly Humble Guy!

Everyone knows that Manny Pacquiao was born in a poor family and only entered the boxing ring out of poverty. But now that he has become one of the richest people in the Philippines, it seems that the Pinoy boxing champ still has his both feet firmly rooted to the ground.

In a post that has since gone viral on Facebook, Pacquiao shared snapshots of him taking his youngest son on his first ride on a tricycle and first visit to a sari-sari store.

The tricycle is the basic form of public transport in the Philippines – and surely something that the boxing champ used to ride on back in the days when he still could not afford to buy his own car. Certainly, the Pacquiaos could buy a hundred tricycles or even a hundred cars yet it was great for this rich, powerful man to introduce his children to the kind of life he’s had back in the day.

Meanwhile, the sari-sari store is the smallest and most common type of store in the Philippines. The family could easily buy anything they want to from any mall in the country (or even abroad) yet a trip to the sari-sari store can teach the child a lot of things about life in the Philippines.

No wonder this post quickly went viral… Kudos, Manny Pacquiao for staying humble!

Taking my son for his first time on a tricycle and to a sari-sari store.

Posted by Manny Pacquiao on Sunday, February 7, 2016

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