Man’s Lightning-Fast Reflexes Saved Him from Crazy Near-Miss Accident

Some will say it’s luck, others will say it’s crazy, but most will tell you that I am a relative of Usain Bolt… It was little [scary] but I survived… [via Google translate]” wrote netizen Lucas Locatelli after he survived a crazy near-miss accident that could have easily cost him his life!

He was just relaxing in a parked Mini Cooper when an out-of-control Volkswagen beetle came careening in his direction. Panicking, Locatelli ran as fast as he could towards the sidewalk – but he was almost hit by the runaway car!

While he jokingly attributes his good luck to his being a ‘relative’ of Usain Bolt, it was clear that he really was so lucky that he survived that near-miss accident.

Screenshot from YouTube video by Lucas Locatelli
Screenshot from YouTube video by Lucas Locatelli

Of course, he would have been safer if he stayed in the car as the runaway Beetle did not even come two feet away from the Mini Cooper but who would have known where it would have hit at top speed, anyway?

Locatelli was truly lucky to be alive and that the old Beetle did not hit his car; although he walked with a limp afterwards as a result of a possible leg/ankle sprain when he dove just seconds before the car hit him.

This is seriously crazy…

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