Married Couple Discovers They Were in the Same Picture Taken 18 Years Ago

Do you believe in destiny? If not, maybe this story would make you change your mind.

A couple from Chengdu, Sichuan province, China recently saw a photo of a place they both visited separately at the same time 18 years ago. Wow!

The married couple who were only identified by their surnames, Ye and Xue, are going through some old photos one day on March 4 when they found out that they both had been to May Fourth Square in the seaside city of Qingdao.

Image: Next Shark

In an article posted by Shanghaiist, the couple went to the park on July 28, 2000, as teenagers and didn’t know each other yet.

Ye was with a tour group while Xue was visiting with her mom at the same time. What’s even surprising was when they both posed for a souvenir picture with the same background, 17-year-old Ye was accidentally caught in Xue’s background picture.

“I was looking at the picture where my wife was sitting in front of May Four Square, there’s also a man standing at far back. My reaction was: ‘Oh wait, that was me!'” Ye told Chengdu Business Daily and was translated by Daily Mail.

Image: Next Shark
Image: Next Shark

The couple met in 2011 through Ye’s friend after he returned to his hometown in Chengdu after graduating from a university in Suzhou. They both decided to get married a year later.

Xue felt it was a miracle and stunned by the power of fate, they shared their amazing photos with their friends and most believed they really belonged to each other.

The couple were planning to visit the port again when their twin daughters get older.