‘Materialistic’ Girl Slammed for Shaming Date Because He Only Let Her Order Water

When it comes to going out on a date, men are often expected to pay the bill even if the woman is already working and might even have a higher income than him. But is it really alright to still expect men to pay when you go out on a date, then, shame him afterwards if he just could not afford to buy you what you wanted?

One woman recently made waves on social media after shaming her date because he only let her order water, instead of any drink she wanted but netizens felt that she was just being ungrateful and materialistic.

The woman posted on her Twitter account, @LeBaerut, a photo of the food she and her date enjoyed; however, she was rather bitter-sounding when she captioned the photo:

You know he’s broke when he only lets you order water 😐

While a number of people shared her sentiments, saying that the guy shouldn’t have taken her out on a date if he couldn’t afford to buy her all the food she wanted, many slammed her for shaming the guy. After all, if she really wanted to enjoy some drinks, she should have gone and bought these herself instead of posting this photo.

Others pointed out that though her date only let her order water, he did let her buy any food she wanted – and hers definitely looked bigger and fancier than his rather bare hamburger order!

Many believe that it was unfair for her to do this. Others also lectured the Twitter user, telling her that dates are not supposed to be focused on what food the guy can afford but should be a time for you to enjoy each other’s company…

What would you do if your date only lets you order water?