MEDICAL BREAKTHROUGH: In the Future, Robots Would Do the Surgical Operations on Our Body

In the future, man might not do any manual labor or physical work anymore since robots would take over the jobs.  This would make it more efficient than the current practice. Also, those robots would not have some kind of grievances if other people have done them wrong.  They would just focus on their job and nothing more.

The video shows an operation being done by a robot.  It is in animation since robots can’t still do that but it is a plan that would make our lives better.  The robot is so precise in every aspect as it is pre-programmed to do it.  There should be no worries since unlike most humans,  robots don’t make mistakes.

So if you are going to compare a robot over a seasoned doctor. I would go for robots since the movements that they do is precise.  Nothing more and nothing less.

robots replace doctor
Image captured from Facebook Video/ Science Nature Page

U are optimistic about what?..millions of people will be jobless with the emergence of super robots!” Facebook user Manal Mahdi Backhury commented on the video.

The uploader, Hashem Al  Ghaili simply replied back:

I look at it from a different perspective. Millions of people will be forced to find something more creative to do in order to continue to make a living. It’s part of progress. The rise of a new smarter species forces the inferior one to look for alternative ways to rise again. On the positive side, it’s going to create tons of new jobs in software development, hardware engineering, programming, etc.

Actually, this is true right now since some companies have employed robots to do the job of some people.  Robots won’t feel fatigued and other problems that normal people experience.  They would keep on working till they break.

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