Meet Bruno, The Adorable Dog Who Walks Four Miles Everyday to Say Hello to Everyone!

I guess everybody would agree with me that dogs are adorable and lovable. But you’ll love them even more when you hear the story of Bruno.

In the small midwestern part of Longville, Minnesota, there are several parts of daily life that the residents — who number fewer than 200 — have come to expect. They know that the winters are cold and their neighbors are kind, but there’s one thing everyone truly looks forward to every day: when Bruno the dog saunters into town. Meet Bruno, the adorable dog who walks four miles everyday just to say hello to everyone in town!

Twelve years ago, little Bruno showed up at the porch steps of Larry and Debbie LaVallee, with those cute eyes telling them to take him in, and they did! For the past years, Bruno had been taking daily walks of nearly four miles to town, making his rounds around, and then heading back home to his owners, Larry and Debbie LaVallee. Larry tried to chain him up, but he almost choked while being tied up, so they just let him loose.

Though Bruno lives with his owners some four miles outside of the downtown area, he knows where the real fun is. After a few years of wandering, Bruno discovered Highway 84 that led straight to Longville. Since then, Bruno would wander around the neighborhood, being friendly with everybody! The residents of Longville are definitely his biggest fans.

Every day, people would wait for Bruno the dog to appear, and without fail, he shows up, fresh from his four-mile walk, ready for some snacks and some love. Every person in the said town would give him a warm welcome, food, and water to keep him going.

Isn’t he amazing?

Look at the video below:

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