Meet Ikuta Kana, Dubbed as Japan’s Most Beautiful Driver!

While getting stuck in traffic is often considered a bad day by most people, it can be the opposite if you’re riding in one particular taxi in Japan which is driven by the beautiful Ikuta Kana. This pretty Japanese isn’t your average girl because people are astounded that she’s actually a taxi driver!

While most taxi drivers around the world are men, Japan is now famous for this one female driver- and she’s taking the internet by storm! Dubbed by netizens as the most beautiful taxi driver in Japan, the 24-year old from Nagano Prefecture has been driving taxis for about a year and a half, and gained her popularity after joining weekly TV program Nino San.

Ikuta debuted as a gravure model (model who primarily models in magazines) and immediately gained plenty of attention and a local fanbase because of this. She has also been a member of the model unit Mina Mates from the fashion magazine Mina for 2 years. Aside from this, she also does salon modeling for Voce and ELO.

She is a model, but since money from modeling is unstable and due to the instability of the modelling industry, Ikuta decided to take on a second job: driving a taxi. She had many modeling stints but Ikuta’s big break came about when she signed a contract to join the weekly TV program Nino San.

Look at her pictures below:

Photo credits: World of Buzz
Photo credits: World of Buzz
Photo credits: World of Buzz
Photo credits: World of Buzz

Despite having a thriving modelling career, Kana has kept to her cabbie duties and is reported to drive the routes of Shibuya, Ebisu and Naka-Meguro.

So if you’re ever in the neighborhood, you might want to call a cab and get lucky to have her as driver!

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