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Meet Inspiring Yoga Teacher Who was an Amputee Since She was 9 Months Old

It is so saddening to see someone gets amputated since part of that person is not going to be with them for the rest of their lives.  However, some amputees make it look like it wasn’t a big deal as they are able to live their lives normally.  Take this woman for instance, she got amputated at the age of 9 months old.

amputated yoga teacher 2
Image by Daily Mail

Kelsey Koch, 24 was born in Tibia and lost her left leg when she was only 9 months old.  Koch remembers how she grew up wearing a prosthetic leg all the time. It was a ‘perfect leg’ since it had toe nails, skin, and everything she would ever need.

amputated yoga teacher
Image by Daily Mail

Koch discovered yoga at the age of 22 as she wanted something that could treat her scoliosis.  It was her trainer who suggested yoga to treat her scoliosis.

Yoga makes you work both sides of your body,” Koch says. “I’m so dominant on my right side, so I first started yoga to hopefully strengthen out my left side.

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Image by Daily Mail

Her ‘pretty leg’, the first prosthetic leg makes it harder for her to perform yoga because it was heavy.  Her trainer then suggested that she switch to a running blade prosthetic as that one is especially designed for fitness.

Though her running prosthetic leg makes it a little easier for her, it wasn’t that easy since it takes lot of practice and perseverance to be able to see the benefits.

Image by Fox News

She went on a 200-hour yoga teacher training in May 2016. In December, she puts on a shoe on her prosthetic leg to be able to control the balance distribution.

At the start of 2017, she was able to get a space perfect for her studio, Serenity Yoga.

It’s great to teach yoga on a daily basis, and I’ve always wanted to teach to amputees—now I’ll get to do both,” Koch says.