Meet the Adorable Two-Legged Kitten Who Doesn’t Let Disability Slow Her Down

Meet adorable little Roux, an adorable little kitten who has learned to hop like a rabbit – after being born without her two front legs. She has become an internet sensation after gaining more than 50,000 Instagram followers just after one month of creating her account.

Roux is an adopted two-legged cat with a touching message for us all: That no matter what happens in life, you can always find ways to make everything work. Roux was born without two front legs due to a congenital abnormality called transverse terminal hemimelia. X-rays show that her front legs stop at the humerus, the upper bone of the front leg. It seems like quite a challenge for a cat, but for Roux, despite her congenital deformity, the adorable cat gets around just fine: she hops about and loves to play just like any other cat!

Roux was rescued from a New Orleans animal shelter in 2014 by her owner Jackie Deak Akey from Louisiana. A client (who runs an animal clinic) at the animal shelter told Jackie about Roux– that Roux’s previous owners dropped her off at the shelter because she couldn’t bury her waste in her litter box without front legs. After Jackie saw a photo of the cat she was sold, “it was absolutely love at first sight.”

Photo credit: Meowbox

Roux used to be a shelter cat in New Orleans where Akey works. It was said that Roux was surrendered to that shelter simply because she could not bury her own waste in the litter box, having no forepaws. Full of sympathy, and partially charmed by Roux, Akey decided to adopt her.

A year later, Akey made her an Instagram account. Hundreds of thousands of netizens started following her until the total count hit 500,000 with more adding each day. In an instant, Roux becomes an internet sensation. Pictures of her circulate Instagram and other social media; looking out the window with inspiration and love written in her expression.

Photo credit: Meowbox

Watch her adorable video below: