She Fell During Her Dance Solo…Then, Grandpa Comes to the Rescue

During a talent show, a girl named Melody fell during her dance solo – much to the anger of her teammates who had always expected she won’t be able to make it, anyway. They would surely lose. Then, just when you think there was no hope left for the group, her grandpa comes to the rescue.

What he did was awesome. Not only was he able to get his granddaughter back on her feet, he was also able to have everyone on their feet!

A story by the Jubilee Project entitled “Melody”, this one touches the hearts, especially of the people who have firsthand experience with Alzheimer’s Disease. As you can see in the video, Melody’s grandfather is suffering from the condition.

Despite having Alzheimer’s and experiencing deteriorating memory, the old man tries hard to bond with his daughter through the best way he could think of: dance.

Watch this lovely video…