Migrant Worker Walks to Subway Every Night to Use Free Wi-Fi to Connect with Family

If you work away from your family, you surely want to connect with them as much as possible. Thankfully, cellphones and the internet have allowed everyone to do this with relative ease, subject to the network’s connection strength and stability in the area, anyway.

But this modern convenience does not always come for free. In fact, a lot of migrant workers and those living away from their families have to add the internet bill as an additional expense every month – and that often translates to less money to send their families.

One worker has found a way to save on his internet bill but still connect with his wife and kids – by walking to the subway every night so he can use the free wi-fi! How cool is that?

Ge Yuanzheng hails from Henan Province in central China but had gone to Shanghai last October in search of a better job to support his family. He lives in a dormitory with his co-workers and earns 200-300 yuan ($30-$45) per day.

Photo credit: Next Shark

While the pay was better than what he had been receiving in his hometown, the budget was tight for the father-of-two whose daughter is studying nursing; his son was already working but his daughter’s school needs are quite expensive.

So, when he found a subway station where the wi-fi connection was good, he took to walking there every night to connect with his family, instead of paying extra for an internet connection on his phone.

Yuanzheng had been doing this for quite some time that someone finally noticed and took his photo. His story quickly went viral, with many netizens commending this doting husband and dad for his wise way of connecting with his family without spending money.

Photo credit: Next Shark

After his story went viral, it eventually reached his wife who expressed surprise at her husband’s devotion; she had no idea he had to walk to the subway every single day just to connect with them. She fells happy, though, that he was doing this and admitted that he wasn’t the only getting a freebie because she’s been ‘rubbing’ (her words) her neighbor’s connection. Ooooops.

Let’s just hope the subway authorities and the neighbor won’t stop these two from using their internet connection…

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Source: Next Shark