Military Dogs Deployed Overseas Receive Medal of Courage

Taba, Jig, Summer, Jag, and Taker are dogs who serve the United States Armed Forces in overseas deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan. After excellently performing their duties, they have retired from service and each of them was honored with the Lois Pope award by the American Humane for their exceptional valor in serving the country.

The five dogs each served in different branches of the US military and with varied roles—as a bomb-sniffing dog or as one serving ‘on the frontlines of the War on Terror’.

Image from American Humane

Jig used to detect improvised explosive devices until he was diagnosed with an oral melanoma, which prompted him to sign off from his duties.

A 12-year-old Labrador retriever, Taker, was able to save countless lives when he was still serving the Marines while Taba participated in numerous raids while serving in the US Army Special Forces Multi-Purpose K9.

On the other hand, Summer used to serve in the Marines but was transferred to Amtrak Police Department as a member of the TSA K9 team. Lastly, Jag was described as a ‘critical component’ of a hundred missions that protected his fellow soldiers.

Lois Pope commended the dogs for giving their best and putting their own lives on the line to protect, defend, and to save the people of the United States of America.

The American Humane Lois Pope K-9 Medal of Courage is the highest award that a dog in the military service can receive.