Mining Disaster in Brazil Serves as Eye-Opener of the Disastrous Effects of Mining to Communities

Mining is great for the economy but can have disastrous effects to communities around the mines. Of course, it can also bring jobs to the people but the long-term effects of mining – even ‘responsible’ mining! – can be disastrous to the nearby communities!

This can lead to the loss of many trees and watersheds – and that could mean heavy floods during rainy days or eventual loss of water. Rivers and other water bodies can also be affected by mine tailings and leachate from the mines.

Screenshot of video by Mic Media / Facebook

While mines and governments often defend mining, just take a look at the disastrous effects brought by the mining disaster in Brazil which may have led to only a few human lives lost but there were hundreds who were displaced by the accident – and the environment has never been the same again.

It would possibly take thousands or even millions of years before the land and the water bodies will be alright again!

This video by Mic Media shares this heartbreaking story with us and hopes that it would be an eye-opener for people to oppose these mines…

Brazil is experiencing the worst environmental disaster in its…

Brazil is experiencing the worst environmental disaster in its history — and nobody’s talking about it.

Posted by Mic on Thursday, January 7, 2016