Mischievous Indian Man Admits Stealing Hotel TV Sets for 12 Years

When we travel, we love to stay in hotels because it’s comfortable and we can feel relaxed and pampered while we’re on our most awaited vacation. However, a man from southern India ended up stealing more than 120 TV sets from different hotels in just 4 months.

Image: Oddity Central

Thirty seven-year-old Vasudev Nanaiah was ******** last month and was charged with 21 counts of theft after wreaking havoc at budget hotels in Southern India, stealing an overwhelming number of TV sets from different rooms he booked.

So how did he do it?

He would reserve the room via phone call informing the receptionist that he would stay for several days and make a small advance payment to avoid suspicion. Upon arriving at the hotel, he would bring bulky suitcases in tow and if the TV set is much bigger than the suitcase he brought, he would buy a new one.

According to Oddity Central, police said that Vasudev would walk with his suitcase to confuse the staff and he would just walk out when the time was right and would not come back.

“He would walk in and out of the hotel on some pretext so many times that the hotel reception would not realize when he had walked out with the TV set, never to return,” Chetan Singh Rathor, police deputy commissioner said in an interview with Oddity Central.

He was first ******** in October after he was caught red-handed, he was released on bail. He thought that he already lost the attention of the police but later did he know that the police were keeping an eye on him if he would be back to his old ways. He was caught while he was trying to fence some of the stolen TV sets.

All in all, Nanaiah had stolen over 100 TVs from different hotels located in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. He admits to the police that he had been stealing hotel TV sets for over 12 years.

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