This Adorable Parrot is the Smartest…Can You Guess What She Can Do?

What tricks has your parrot learned? Many parrots learn how to speak a volley of words and even “converse” with people, especially when trained or raised in places where there are lots of people around.

There’s this one parrot called Miss Iris who has taken the internet by storm after the video of her taking a bath on the sink went viral.

As you can see in the video, Miss Iris appears to be testing the water before passing her head under the faucet. But that’s not all…Watch this adorable video and see for yourself just how smart this parrot truly is:

By the way, Miss Iris is Hyacinth Macaw. Isn’t she cute? I’d love to have this pet at home. I think it would really be awesome to have such a cute and clever creature around.