Mocked by Husband and His Mistress for Being Fat, Scorned Wife Drops Him… And 100 Pounds!

Three years ago, Betsy Ayala had just given birth to her daughter when she discovered that her husband was having an affair. What made the betrayal even worse was that he and his mistress were laughing at her behind her back because of her weight.

At the time, she weighed 262 lbs.

It was just shocking… That just really turned my world upside down,” she recalled. “What bothered me more than the affair was what they said about my weight. They were really nasty about my weight.

Screenshot from video by Inside Edition

Furious at her husband and his mistress, Ayala dropped him – and decided to turn her life around by getting rid of her extra weight. With the support of her sister who went to the gym with her, Ayala began to drop the pounds.

Not only did she go to the gym and stay active, she also cut back on sweet treats and junk food.

Today, she continues to work out six times a week and looks so much different from her 262-pound self. She now believes that her husband’s infidelity was “a blessing in disguise” because she now looks much better and has become healthier than her old self.

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