Model with Rare Genetic Disorder Breaks Fashion Cliché

For what is pleasing to the eyes, for what is beautiful, for what seem to be a perfect picture of beauty and elegance, it is how we look at the Fashion Industry.  And as Fashion and Modeling industries started to create a concept out of the usual scenario, people started to appreciate what is not only pleasing and beautiful before one’s eyes but also with what is unique and one-of-a-kind.

The transition was first seen in the year 2016 when Ashley Graham appeared on Cover of British and American Vogue as the first plus-size model ever featured reflecting the real sense of an “ideal woman”.

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And now, Melanie Gaydos has broken the classical idea of what is attractive in every photo shoot that she tops off.  Melanie, who is 28 years old, was born with ectodermal dysplasia, a rare genetic disorder which made her pores, teeth, nails and cartilage develop exceptionally.

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Gaydos shared her struggles on being perceived negatively for being different and believed to be mentally challenged and unwitty which she offhand retaliate and said often in reality, it’s the opposite.

In the past, she admitted that she was pressured to change her appearance where she considered wearing her first set of dentures when she was 26, when she appeared on the reality TV program, “The Doctors”.  People would tell her that they preferred seeing her with dentures but it was the other way around for her.

“Maybe people think I am incomplete, but that is  only because they have teeth or know what that is like and cannot understand or picture what it’s like without any.  I don’t miss having teeth because I never really had them to begin with,” Gaydos said.

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Wondering who persuaded her to enter the world of modeling?  It was her boyfriend who helped her understand that being different and unique was her greatest potential. So when Craiglist’s advertisement for unique people as models for a photographer’s photo shoot reached her knowledge, she responded with great enthusiasm.

It was not only in modeling that Gaydos was passionate with but also in drawing portraits which helped her embrace her uniqueness.  She started to draw when she was still a student who specialized in Fine Arts at the prestigious Pratt Institute in New York.

Photo : Viral Thread

Gaydos is an epitome of self confidence and will power.  I hope people who will be able to read this would be able to embrace uniqueness, individuality and differences from each other interminably.

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