Mom Baked Him an Optimus Prime Birthday Cake…But Dad’s Surprise Addition Had Everyone Cheering!

For a kid who loves the Transformers, mom’s Optimus Prime cake proved to be a winner! But wait until you see just what dad added to make this cake even more amazing!

The 6-year-old’s Optimus Prime cake looked great. Mom chose the right colors, making this prime mover in blue and red to depict the colors of the leader of the Autobots. What everyone did not know is that dad made a surprise addition that would soon have them cheering…

After the birthday boy blew on the candle on his truck cake, mom flicked a switch on and Optimus Prime began to transform! The guests were certainly impressed by dad’s surprise, especially the kids whose jaws dropped upon seeing this cool cake transform right before their eyes.

I’m over 30 but I would love that cake! Hey, Sir? Can you make me a transforming Bumblebee cake?

Check out this amazing cake here: