Mom Catches Baby’s Strange Sleeping Habits While Secretly Filming What Dad is Doing in the Room

A woman heard her husband laughing as hard but as quietly as he could while inside the baby’s room; so, she decided to check what was going on – and upon realizing that it was a rather cute moment that might never happen again, she quickly filmed the whole thing.

It really was a good thing she did that because the clip soon went viral because it really was the most adorable thing!

Screenshot from video by NTD.TV
Screenshot from video by NTD.TV

The baby was sound asleep but because the child’s arm was up and daddy wanted to tuck it inside the blanket, he pushed it gently downwards – but the moment he did that, the other arm shoots up! The same thing happens with the other arm when he tried doing it again.

So, the silly dad repeated the action a couple of times while quietly laughing, too. It only stopped when he took both of the baby’s arms and tucked them both inside the blanket.

Check out this adorable video and have some laughs to brighten up your day:

Look at his hands! 😄🤗

Posted by NTD.TV on Tuesday, November 29, 2016