Mom Caught the Kid Raiding the Fridge… And It’s the Most Adorable Thing!

An adorable video is making rounds on social media, that of a clever little kiddo who was caught by his mom as he was raiding the fridge for some of the delicious watermelon he so loves to eat!

Even when he noticed that his mom had caught him, the determined little toddler continued eating. Watermelons must really be his favorite food – or he could really just be too hungry to care. LOL.

A number of people did point out that there are safety issues that should not be ignored here even if we think that this kid was adorable. After all, the watermelon could fall on him and that could be too heavy for his tiny body! Also, he call fall off that fridge and drag along that shelf towards him.

There were also other safety issues that netizens took notice of, but many said that people are just being party poopers and should just let the kid be cute and adorable without anyone commenting about his safety.

What do you think of this video?

Melancia <3

Posted by taofeminino on Saturday, October 1, 2016