Mom Disowns Son for Being Gay. Here’s What Grandpa Said…

Every parent surely loves his/her children but sometimes society dictates what we should act and feel – leading to mistakes and decisions that lead to heartbreaks and broken homes.

This is what happened to one family whose mother, Christine, was so disappointed with her son, Chad, for being gay that she disowned him, choosing to let the morals of society dictate how she should deal with her son. She feels that her gay son is bringing shame to the family.

Chad moved out of the house but found a hero in his grandfather who accepted him for who he is, regardless of his sexual orientation. The hero grandpa did not just take Chad in, he also wrote a rather scathing letter to his own daughter, giving her a lesson about love and parenting using her own words against her!

Read this epic letter and tell us what you think:

Photo credit: Globe
Photo credit: Globe