Mom Expresses Frustration at Preschool that Denied Responsibility in Daughter’s Trauma and Swollen Ear

Mothers would do everything to spare their kids from pain, both physically and mentally; that’s why they become frustrated and angry when someone hurt their kids intentionally or unintentionally.

A Facebook user named Claudia Kwan shared her 3-year-old daughter’s story about how she was abused by her kindergarten teacher. It came to a point where her toddler’s ear was swollen and severely bruised.

On February 14, her husband picked her daughter from the preschool and noticed that there was something different with their daughter so upon reaching home, he asked Claudia to check what happened to their daughter’s ear. She was very heartbroken to see how her daughter’s ear was swelling badly. When she asked the poor little girl what happened, she just broke down and cried.

Image by Claudia Kwam via Facebook

So, Claudia called the preschool and asked what had happened but no one can answer her question. A teacher replied: “The form teacher said that it was a mystery.” What?!

She sent her daughter for an examination, the doctor was shocked to see the little girl’s injury and diagnosed it as a form of traumatic bruising caused by the exertion of great intentional force. The mother later filed a police report, the daughter was only able to give her statement after she had calmed down. The poor girl revealed that her teacher pinched and twisted her ear. Oh, my God!

Image by Claudia Kwam via Facebook

The next day, they went to KK Women’s and Children’s hospital in Singapore to seek for another diagnosis. The doctor classified it as ‘non-accidental injury’. Claudia then went back to the preschool for assistance but she was surprised to hear the response of the supervisor

“He (supervisor) fully believes and trusts that none of his teachers would ***** a child to such an extent,” she wrote on her Facebook.


“Ever since this incident, every night, my girl would wake up suddenly from her nightmares, crying out, ‘I’m scared, I’m sorry, please, stop, pain!’ She has been shouting out her form teacher’s name too.” she added. Poor little girl.

Image by Claudia Kwam via Facebook

Claudia expresses her deepest frustration as the progress of the investigation of the police was so slow and the preschool doesn’t seem to care about what had happened. She was also denied access to all CCTV footage from both the school and the police.

According to Strait Times Singapore, the preschool had conducted its own investigation and it shows on their CCTV footage, the 3-year-old didn’t get her bruise on its premises.

May justice be served right to this poor victim. We do hope that she will be able to recover with the trauma soon.