Mom Expresses Shock after 11-Year-Old Girl Gives Birth to 14-Year-Old Brother’s Baby

An 11-year-old girl taken to the hospital for severe stomach pains ended up giving birth to a healthy baby boy. But the hospital staff were doubly shocked to learn that not only was this young girl pregnant, the father of the child was her own brother!

The girl, whose name was withheld for privacy reasons, had complained to her mother about having severe stomach pains at their home in the city of Murcia, Spain last Friday, February 2.

Thinking that the child probably had some serious intestinal problems, the mother took her to Virgen de la Arrixaca Hospital. But after checking the girl, the hospital staff quickly brought her to the delivery room where she gave birth to a baby boy!

Both the young mother and her baby were alright but this raised a lot of questions. The police were called in.

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Credit: Romper

The shocked mother couldn’t believe that her daughter was pregnant. But she was even more alarmed to learn that her own son was the baby’s father. The mom, who hails from Bolivia, said she had no idea that the two were ‘experimenting’ behind her back.

Just to make sure that the brother is really the baby’s father, the cops are pushing for a DNA test.

If the boy was the baby’s father, he won’t likely face any jail time despite the age of consent being 16 years old in Spain because the law also offers exemptions if the boy is about the same age as the girl and the ‘contact’ was consensual.

Regional health authority chief Manuel Villegas was just as shocked as the girl’s mother and the hospital staff. He called the case as ‘absolutely exceptional’.

We have to wait now. An investigation is still ongoing and when everything has been clarified, we’ll see what has happened and if we can help in some way,” the chief said.