Mom Finds Daughter Singing to Brother with Down Syndrome, Sweet Video Goes Viral

Music is a language that everyone can speak, someone used to say – and it is true because music touches everyone’s hearts, no matter their condition, age, status in life, anything. Even those with disability and developmental problems respond well to music.

Take for example this boy named Bo. He has Down Syndrome. Despite being 2 years old, he has a very limited vocabulary of only 12 words – and all those words he had only learned through song and music! Can you believe that?

Photo credit: Photo credit: Amanda Bowman Gray / Facebook

Now, Bo responds well to music; thus, it was but appropriate that his therapy would be in music. But his mom, Amanda Bowman Gray, would capture a beautiful moment one day that touched her heart. And it swiftly went viral on social media.

Photo credit: Photo credit: Amanda Bowman Gray / Facebook

Amanda narrated how she had left her daughter Lydia to watch Bo while she took a shower. But when she was done, she found Lydia strumming her guitar and singing to her little brother while the boy obviously loved the bonding time with his sister.

Touched by this beautiful moment, Amanda took a video and shared it with friends. But her friends also loved the clip and shared it; the rest was history. The video would gain millions of views on Facebook as people just loved this beautiful moment.

Many netizens said it made them cry.

Photo credit: Photo credit: Amanda Bowman Gray / Facebook

In the clip, Lydia could be seen singing “You Are My Sunshine” to Bo while the little boy swayed along to the music and even tried singing along; although his words could not be understood, it was clear that he was enjoying every moment.

It was truly sweet. People also praised Lydia for her unconditional love for her little brother and for sharing with him the wonderful gift of music…