Mom Forced to Shut Door and Lock Self in Burning House to Save All Her Kids

A brave mom nearly died while saving her three kids in a house fire that started at around 2AM, a time when everyone was sleeping soundly that they did not notice they were in grave danger.

Thankfully, mommy Angel Fiorini woke up and rushed to save 3-year-old Vinny and 18-month-old Rosalie from their room and placed them at the lawn. But as she ran back towards the house to save her eldest child, 7-year-old Gianna, the two younger kids moved to follow her back in.

The Fiorini kids
Photo credit: Joanna Small / Facebook

Knowing that would surely be too dangerous, the brave mom was forced to lock herself inside the burning house while telling the two younger kids to move away from the house as far back as they could while she try save their older sister.

By then, the house was filled with smoke but Mommy Angel managed to locate Gianna but before they could get out of the house, the hero mom collapsed. She tried her best to shield Gianna with her body as she collapsed from the burns she sustained and the smoke she inhaled.

Photo credit: Joanna Small / Facebook

It was quite lucky that a man was driving by the house at that hour. Seeing the two kids at the lawn, he knew a parent had rushed inside; thus, he also went inside the house and found the two collapsed near the door.

While the two younger kids only sustained minor wounds and were soon discharged from the hospital, Gianna and their mom are still in critical condition. Gianna had 2nd degree burns on 14% of her body but Mommy Angel had 2nd and 3rd degree burns on close to half of her body!

But while they lost all their possessions, they are still thankful that they have each other and a handful of family photographs.

Photo credit: Joanna Small / Facebook


Friends set up a GoFundMe account to help the family’s medical needs as well as to assist them in obtaining a new residence. A separate Facebook page was also created so those who wish to donate food and stuff can send it to the family’s address.

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