Mom Hits Her Son for Losing Their 5-Yuan ($0.79) Metro Ticket

A mother from China was filmed hitting her son in public after he lost their 5-yuan ($0.79) metro ticket while riding the Nanchang subway system.

According to Next Shark, it shows in the video that she was hitting her son aggressively and scolding him in front of other passengers.

“You really don’t listen! When I tell you not to play, don’t play!” she said to her son on the video, according to Next Shark.

Image: Next Shark

People tried to ignore the commotion but some eventually got involved as she continued to hit her son and later struck her son’s face. Some advised them to just buy a new ticket instead of hitting her son but the mother said that they don’t have enough money. The concerned passengers continued to argue saying that the amount that the boy had lost was not that much.

The mother was separated from her husband and raised her son all by herself and she’s only earning about 900 yuan ($142) a month.

Image: Next Shark

She later explained that she doesn’t normally hit her child, she just lost her temper when her son lost the metro ticket. She also added that they were on their way to their relatives to borrow money for the Chinese New Year; furthermore, her mother was sick and confined in a local hospital.

Some people are fortunate to have enough money to sustain their needs and not worry about the food on their plate the next day. Let us not judge other people regarding their outrage and frustrations because we never know what challenges they are facing every day.

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Next Shark

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