Mom in Coma for “Broken Heart” After Daughter was Hit by School Bus

A mother in Atlanta, Georgia, is in coma for a “broken heart” after her daughter was hit by a school bus. According to Fox News, Rakelle Davis was hit by a school bus and had slipped into a coma at the intensive care unit at Emory Hospital.

Lisa Davis, Rakelle’s mother, was so shocked by what happened that she suffered a stress-induced heart condition even when she had a perfectly healthy heart before the incident happened. Her brother-in-law, Danny Davis, told reporters that Lisa’s heart function has dropped to just 10%.

The biggest thing they are worried about right now are the pressure spikes in her brain. They removed her spleen and had part of her pancreas removed, but none of that should keep her from functioning normally,” Danny revealed.

Photo credit: Fox News
Photo credit: Fox News

Days after the incident happened, Rakelle woke up and has been talking with the rest of the family but was not yet informed about what happened to her mother who is still in coma.

The prognosis is good for Rakelle but doctors remain concerned with Lisa’s condition.

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Fox News

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