Mom Sees ‘Ghost Baby’ Beside Sleeping Son, Husband Finds Nothing Even with Movement on Monitor

One mom has freaked out after seeing a ‘ghost baby’ sleeping beside her son – and freaks out some more when husband couldn’t see anything in crib but movement still registers on baby monitor! Eeeeek.

Forty two-year-old Dean Evans and his 39-year-old partner, Laura Haigh, have set up a baby monitor for their son Sebastian after the boy tried to climb his crib at their home in Plymouth, Devon. The parents have taken to constantly motoring the baby as they were afraid he might fall off the crib if he does manage to climb over the railing.

Photo credit: World News&EveryThing AbouT Life / YouTube

One night, while watching the 18-month-old baby sleeping on his crib, Laura was surprised to find another figure moving beside him. At first, she thought it might be his favorite teddy bear and that movement was just the monitor flickering or something.

But she would soon start screaming when she realized there was a figure really moving beside her sleeping son.

Thinking it was a squirrel or some other small creature, Dean dashed to the boy’s room but found the crib empty except for Sebastian who was sleeping peacefully. But Laura was still freaking out because even if Dean said there was nothing there in the crib, she could still the figure moving beside their son! That’s so creepy…

Photo credit: World News&EveryThing AbouT Life / YouTube

She immediately Skyped her sister to show her the strange figure but all her sister could see on the monitor was Sebastian, with no weird creatures or figures beside him.

Laura was convinced this was a ghost baby and that it only wanted to appear to her. According to the couple, the figure stayed on the monitor for several minutes until Laura finally went to the room to check it out for herself.

She didn’t find anything in the room and the creepy image was gone from the monitor when she went back to check it. Still quite strange, right?

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