Mom Sets Up Camera to Discover How Her Twins Escape their Cribs…This is So Cute

A pair of twins has mastered the art of escaping cribs…

One mom was puzzled why her twins could escape from their wooden cribs and outside the nursery; so, she set up a hidden camera. After all, the crib walls were high and did not have latches the toddlers could open.

After mom placed the babies inside their respective cribs, she left the room. As soon as she was gone, Twin A climbed up the crib and went to the door. It is so cute how he tells the other twin to keep quiet when it was him who slammed the door. Considering that the door had a lowered knob, Twin A was able to open it with ease.

Seeing that his twin has escaped, Twin B quickly climbed, too.

These twins are gymnasts in the making – or are kids really these flexible and strong? Well, check out these cute twins and admire their great escape tactics:

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