Mom Tells This Boy He’s Going to be a Big Brother…His Reaction is Priceless!

There’s a cute video on YouTube featuring 5-year-old son Ethan Bromby; it easy went viral on the web, gaining close to 8.5 million views just 2 months after it was posted. It is easy to see why this video had easily touched the hearts of netizens across the world.

For months on end, Ethan has been pestering his mother, Sarah, for a little sister. Of course, he knew he could not really pick if his next sibling would be a boy or girl but he still wished he had a sibling and it would be a girl.

So, after an ultrasound, Sarah revealed to Ethan that she’s pregnant. The child’s reaction was priceless! It also helped that he had such a cute accent when he asked his mother, “Are you really having a baby? … I’m going to be a new big brother!?

Here’s the cute video:

The following month, they get to learn his baby sibling’s gender:

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SF Globe

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