Mom transforms home into an aquarium for son’s birthday party

  • A mom in Michigan transformed their living room into an aquarium to give her son a memorable quarantine birthday celebration
  • The family originally planned to go to the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago because Clark is really fond of the ocean
  • The mom said that aside from giving her child a wonderful birthday celebration, working on the decorations also gave them something else to think about

The quarantine did not stop a family in Michigan from celebrating their two-year-old’s birthday the way he requested it — in an aquarium.

Image from Becky Spagnuolo | Good Morning America

Becky Spagnuolo told Good Morning America that the initial plan was to go to the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago for Clark’s birthday on April 13. She said Clark has always loved the ocean; in fact some of his first words were “fish” and “Dory,” a character from Finding Nemo.

While they can no longer go outside to go to their target destination, the mom realized that she can transform the house into a huge aquarium.

Becky and her husband Nick then started brainstorming on how they can bring the Shedd Aquarium right into their living room. They spent two weeks researching what types of animals can be seen there and crafting decorations.

Image from Becky Spagnuolo | Good Morning America

They placed blue tablecloths on windows and pasted cut out fishes and other sea creatures. The family also hung paper jellyfish and fish balloons up the ceiling. A live stream from the aquarium was also played on the television.

Becky made “tickets” so that the experience will be more realistic.

All in all, the couple spent $80 to give the kid a memorable quarantine birthday celebration.

“It’s hard to vocalize how I’m feeling right now. Working on this project gave myself and my family something else to think about. So it was heartwarming for me to see both my boys so happy, but then in the back of my mind, I was still wondering when or if I’d actually get to take them to the real thing?” Becky said.

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