Mom Tries to Teach Her Daughter a Life Lesson… I Can’t Stop Smiling at Her Adorable Response

Don’t talk to strangers!” – that is one of the most important rules that parents should teach their children, especially young girls. But how do you try to make kids remember and follow that rule when they are, by nature, friendly and trusting?

Well, one mom tried to do it by drilling her daughter to say “No!” if a strange man asked her whether she liked the food he is offering or whether she wanted to go swimming or some other things she might be enticed with – but the adorable girl just found it difficult to say “No!”. Instead, she would say “I like that” or “Yeah” each time her mom asked her how she should reply to a strange man’s questions.

She did get some questions correctly but appeared to be more interested in what this fictional strange man had to offer than following her mom’s instructions.

Watch this charming girl make your heart melt in this video:

Of course, while this is such an adorable clip, it does remind us that it could really be a huge challenge for parents to train their kids to say “No!” to strangers and avoid them at all cost. So, keep a close watch on your kids at all times, especially in busy public places where they can easily be lured by some strangers with the promise of cute things, delicious food, and cool places to visit!

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