Mom Uses Her Kids to Steal from Pizza Store, Owner Earns Praise for His Compassionate Response

A woman used her kids to steal from a pizza store; instead of calling the cops, the owner had such a compassionate response to the incident that he’s earned much praise on social media.

The woman took her kids to have dinner at Rocco’s Pizzeria, a small restaurant in Steinbach in Manitoba, Canada. The four kids were rather noisy and distracting, leading to the mom becoming irritable. But while the staff were totally sympathetic, it was too late for them to realize she was actually using the kids to distract them and steal stacks of their frozen pizzas!

The entire incident was caught on CCTV. But while the restaurant had ample evidence they could use against her in court, its owner Damian Penner decided not to call the cops.

Photo credit: Rocco’s Pizzeria / Facebook

He penned an open letter to the woman and shared it on Facebook, in hopes that it would reach her.

To the lady that stole 8 take and bake pizzas last night. We do not know the situation you are in, and don’t know if it was malicious, or to feed your children. But please, ask for help either way,” Damian wrote.

As an established family-friendly restaurant operating since 2011, Rocco’s Pizzeria has been joining charity work and fundraisers in the community. So, Damian thought it would be best to treat the situation as a charity case, viewing the woman more as a needy mother than as a thief.

But he also didn’t want her to continue being a bad example to her kids. So, he added:

“You can’t continue to get your children to assist you in stealing, as they are young, impressionable, and still learning. You may feel like there is no other way, but regardless you have to parent, and can’t raise your children as an example like this.

We won’t post your picture, or go to the police as this happened one time. Again, we don’t know the circumstances, and posting your photo would do nothing more than shame you in a community that is here to help you! If you need help, please come in and talk to me personally.

We know of many resources out there, and work closely with many groups that can help lift you out of the circumstances you may be in!”

Damian’s compassionate response to the theft made waves in the community, with many people praising him for what he did to the family.

Damien and Jodi Penner with their young daughter
Photo credit: Rocco’s Pizzeria / Facebook

While the woman hasn’t returned to the pizza store to speak with him about the situation, many hoped that message won’t fall on deaf ears and that the woman would truly seek help before it becomes too late for her and the kids…

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