Mom whose husband is away pens creative letter to ‘reschedule’ Christmas

  • Christmas won’t always mean having all the members of the family around
  • Some, like the family of Stephanie Davisson, have to be incomplete on Christmas Day because a family member has to work
  • This is why she created a ‘Letter from Santa’ rescheduling Christmas for their family

While most families are merrily celebrating the holidays together, there are others whose members have to work on Christmas Day. This is the case of Stephanie Davisson’s family because her husband Brent is a military.

Image via Facebook | Stephanie Davisson

Instead of celebrating Christmas without Brent, Stephanie came up with a creative idea of “rescheduling” Christmas for her two boys. To make her idea more convincing, she made a “letter from Santa” that even had a header that says “From the Desk of Santa Claus.” It is addressed to the families of the military and first responders.

“A jolly greeting to you from the North Pole! Christmas is fast approaching, and we’re all hard at work preparing for the big night!” the letter started. “You surely know that every December 25th, I visit children around the world, spreading holiday cheer.”

But aside from Christmas Day, the letter said Santa also take special trips for children like them. “I’ve only sent this message to a special group of kids around the world — the kids of military members and first responders,” the letter continued.

Santa’s letter acknowledged the fact that parents can be working instead of being home for Christmas because they have to keep the people safe and healthy.

It said, “Christmas is about family, and even though your mom and dad will be working hard on the 25th, I want your whole family to have a very special Christmas morning–together.”

Image via Unsplash

So, he gave the children the opportunity to choose a date they want Santa to set his deliveries for them. It has boxes with dates next to it.

Santa also reminded them what Christmas should really be about and thanked the children for their willingness to share their parents to those who need them.

“Always remember, Christmas isn’t about a box on the calendar, but the feeling we keep in our hearts. Thank you for being such great children, and sharing your moms and dads with us all when we need them the most,” it said.

Because of the buzz it created online, Stephanie has responded to requests to do a version of the letter for medical professionals, pilots and flight crew, div0rced families, and even created one for general use.

Source: Facebook