Mom wraps cloth around her nurse daughter so she could finally hug her

  • Determined to hug her daughter, a mother became creative so she can embrace her daughter working as an ICU nurse
  • She wrapped a cloth around her daughter so she could hug her after a month of observing physical distancing
  • The heartwarming moment was captured by their neighbor

A mother came up with an idea so she can finally hug her daughter who is working as an ICU nurse in Cincinatti.

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After practicing physical distancing for the past month as a precautionary measure against COVID-19, 64-year-old Cheryl Norton decided she has to do something so she could hug her daughter Kelsey Kerr, 28.

She picked up a sheet from the laundry basket and used it to cover Kelsey so she could embrace her when she stop by to pick up something.

“I see on social media that all these healthcare workers are feeling very isolated and I did not want that to happen to her,” Cheryl told Good Morning America. “I thought I want to hug her and if she has a sheet around her, maybe I can do it.”

The sheet that Cheryl used to cover her daughter was left in the garage for a few days before being washed.

Kelsey, who already got used to observing less physical contact, was delighted with the hug.

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“There’s so much difficulty right now but we’re going to make it through it and we’re all going to be together in the end. It’s just a matter of getting there.”

The heartwarming moment was captured by their neighbor Liz Dufour who is also a photographer for The Enquirer.

“After I shared a photo of my friend, Cheryl Norton, hugging her daughter, Kelsey Kerr, an ICU nurse at Christ Hospital, the reaction was overwhelming,” Dufour narrated in an article on The Enquirer that accompanied her photo.

“People understood what the impromptu gesture represents. How much we need one another. How much we live fully in the small moments.”

Sources: Good Morning America, The Enquirer