Mommy’s First Date with Baby Will Bring You to Tears…

If you’re pregnant right now or have experienced being pregnant there must have been times when you’ve wondered what your little baby is doing in there. One video which shows a compilation of three advertisements made by global milk brand Anmum Philippines will tug at the heartstrings of any parent. This heartwarming video shows pregnancy through the eyes of an unborn child. It shows a little baby growing and talking about her feelings while inside Mommy’s tummy.

The video starts with a tiny embryo bouncing around mum’s stomach , saying: “Hi, Mommy! This was our first day together, but you didn’t know I was there yet.” As the mom puts down the pregnancy test reading positive the little baby yells, “Surprise!”

“I was so small, but your big, big heart made me grow and grow and grow.”

The video continues and goes on to show the whole pregnancy- the little circle turns into a face with arms and legs. The pre-born baby is still talking to the mother as she eats breakfast, has her cravings, exercises, and goes to her ultrasound appointments etc. As the mom’s stomach grows, the cute little one gives her hugs from the inside. This video is very touching as it shows us the connection between a mother and her growing child. As you watch the video, you can’t help but feel happy that the adorable baby is safe, loved and growing, even though you know it’s just a cartoon. At the end of the adorable video, the baby says: “I might not remember all our days together, but I want you to know you did a really good job.”

“Thank you for my eyes, my ears and my nose. Thank you for my hands, my feet and toes. Thank you for my heart – and most of all, Mommy, thank you for your love.

“I love you, Mommy , and I can’t wait to meet you.”


Watch the story of your pregnancy through the eyes of your little one and see how she grows as your love grows.

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