Moms vs. Maids: How Much Do You Know Your Kids?

How much time do you spend with your kids? After spending hours at work, do you make time for them when you get home or are you so tired that you go to sleep and put off bonding with them for the weekends only? Or are we getting too busy making money so our kids can live a comfortable life that we forget it is better to spend time with them rather than spend money for them?

In this rather eye-opening video from I Give a Day Off organization, several moms were pitted against their maids to check who knew the kids better.

The organization’s aim was not to shame moms but to make them realize they should also make time for their kids and for them to give their maids a day off. The organization based this on the fact that in Singapore (the setting of the video), there are around 225,000 foreign domestic workers who work 24/7; 40% of them do not have a day off. The organization aims to make families give their maids a day off.

Despite this video made for the moms of Singapore, it can easily apply to everyone else who have maids at home. So, does your maid know more about your kids than you do? Do your kids prefer your maids over you?

It is not yet too late to change things at home. Spend time with your kids.

Watch this touching video: