Monkey Mother Risks Life to Save its Baby Hit by a Scooter and About to be Taken by a Dog

Most mothers would willingly give up their lives so their children can live – and such is something that does not just apply to humans but even to animals as well.

Take for instance this monkey mother in New Delhi, India who risked her life just to save her baby.

According to a post on NTD Television, the baby monkey had been playing when it tried to cross the busy street but got hit by a passing scooter.

Photo credit: FACTOMAX dot COM / YouTube

The injured baby monkey cried out in pain – but its troubles were far from over because even when the vehicles now swerved to avoid it, a stray dog noticed it lying in the middle of the road and probably thought it would make a tasty snack.

Just as the stray dog reached the baby monkey and tried to take it, the mother noticed and rushed to the spot to save her infant. Of course, the dog wasn’t ready to give up on its snack but when it tried to pick the baby up with its mouth, the mother monkey’s maternal instincts kicked in.

Photo credit: FACTOMAX dot COM / YouTube

Much to the stray dog’s surprise, the mother monkey began to pull him away from the ‘delicious snack’ and bit his neck! While the dog was clearly larger than the monkey, it was no match for the angry mother’s wrath.

Had the dog tried harder, it might have died because the mother wouldn’t have stopped until she won the fight – and would have surely died trying.

Photo credit: FACTOMAX dot COM / YouTube

Thankfully, the dog realized this and stopped fighting. It trotted out of the scene as the mother monkey rushed to console its injured baby.