Moroccan Professor Files Lawsuit Against Wife After Discovering He’s Not the Father of Their Nine Children

An unidentified Moroccan professor filed a lawsuit against his wife. He’s accusing her of adultery after he found out that he had been sterile for most of his life after undergoing a routine health checkup. He couldn’t possibly have fathered any of their nine children!

Image: Pixabay

Based on his routine checkup, he had a small cyst on his right testicle which according to him had been there for as long as he could remember. The physician decided to run some tests and shows that the cyst was not life-threatening but it shows that the presence of the cyst made the man sterile.

According to the Moroccan newspaper, the man was not rushing to file for the marriage termination after hearing the news from his urologist. He went through series of tests that ultimately confirmed that he could not have fathered any children in the last 50 years. He immediately contacted his lawyer and filed a lawsuit against his wife accusing her of adultery. He’s also demanding a divorce and has disowned all their nine children.

The court had a legal team to investigate all the results of the tests the man had done and it was confirmed that his allegations were backed by scientific shreds of evidence. He was able to present seminal analysis that shows the complete absence of sperm and the urologist’s report and the biological analysis confirming that the cyst had been on his right testicle for over 50 years that caused his sterility.

This is a very shocking news. If his wife will be proven guilty, she will be put behind bars for sure.