The Most Annoying Types of Friends…How Many Of Them Apply To You And Your Group of Friends?

They may be our closest friends, the ones we confide in, our confidante–they may be our best friends but, hey, there’s no such thing as perfect friend! Sometimes they get on our nerves and we wonder why they became our friends in the first place.

YouTube user nigahiga posted a video entitled, “Most Annoying Types of Friends”. I bet at some parts of this video, we can all relate to this. According to the description of the video, “There’s no such thing as a perfect friend, there’s just friends that are significantly less annoying than others…See how many of these apply to your group of friends and then see how many of them apply to you.”

And like what’s written on the description, we dare you, too, to see how many of these ‘friends’ apply to you and your group of friends. Well, everyone may have their opinions and you can also create a list of your own like this one. So, what do you think guys? Which ‘friend’ gets on your nerves the most?