Mother and Son Survive the Australian Bushland with No Food for 10 Days

Forty-year-old Michelle Pittman and her 9-year-old son, Dylan, was recently rescued following their 10-day ordeal in the Australian Bushland.

The mother and son got lost from the track after planning a 2-hour walk in Mount Royal National Park in the Hunter region, 240 kilometers from Sydney. With no food, they survived the bushland by using leaves to collect water and by removing ticks and leeches from each other, crediting Bear Grylls’ series, ‘Man vs Wild, for their survival tactics.

Image from Seven News

Fairly well-dehydrated though with some insect bites and scratches, they were brought to a local hospital immediately after they were found. Michelle said that they were able to gather water by following tips from the television series such as licking off moisture off plants and digging creek beds. They were also able to mark their location by tying grass around trees.

NSW Ambulance Inspector Andrew Steenson said the mother and son were found in good physical shape. He also added that the search terrain was quite hostile in some areas as there were some steep slopes and thick scrub and drops off by about 500 meters in some areas.

Image from NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service

Rescuers have been searching for the pair for the past four days after they failed to contact their family and friends and after their car was seen at the park’s carpark.